Cert # 31529825

Coin Number 4

Here is probably one of the most important surviving early coins of the United States of America. First off it is the highest denomination our newly formed Philadelphia Mint was authorized to strike. By this denomination, other countries would judge our coinage. Hence, the strictest standards would be adhered to, insuring each and every coin was of full weight and at least the required .9167 gold with the balance of copper for alloy. This coin hails from the George Stenz Collection, sold in 1880 to T. Harrison Garrett where it resided in Johns Hopkins University for 100 years. Then it was sold at auction to D. Brent Pogue where it stayed for 35 years until 2015 when this magnificent gem was purchased at auction by Oliver Jung.

It was purchased in 2019 for the Tyrant Collection. This if far and away the finest known of the date and type, and the only Capped Bust, Small Eagle to earn the MS-66+ grade from PCGS. The next finest is MS-65. The obverse and reverse are bathed in rich, coppery shades and abundant mint bloom. The luster radiates off the surfaces. Of course the strike is sharp and complete. There are no handling marks of any consequence, as expected to earn such a superlative grade. This coin survived far and away finer than any other known example of this first and most important type. It quality and eye appeal are absolutely stunning.

Ex Garrett/Pogue