Cert # 1843341-003

Coin Number 6

Here’s a date which is seldom seen in any grade, and one that is nearly impossible to find in Mint State. This is one of the top dozen or so survivors of 1796 eagles, with radiant mint luster, a solid strike and attractive surfaces for the grade assigned. There are a few minor signs of contact on both sides, particularly a thin ancient scratch across Liberty’s chin to her curls on her neck. An incredible example of this date! It is noteworthy that after the 10 stars by 5 used for the obverse dies of 1795, the stars were arranged 8 by 8 on the 1796 obverse die, by moving Liberty’s head a trifle lower on the die in order to put the letters LI above the cap–while on the 1795 dies, the cap was pressed up high near the rim so no devices could be placed there. This obverse die is more balanced in appearance than those previously seen. The reverse palm branch now has 11 leaves as opposed to the previously seen 13 leaves (original number of states or colonies in the United States) and nine leaves seen on one die of 1795. A premium example of this rare date and one seldom seen this well preserved.