Cert #45717 36674530

Coin Number 8

This is an outstanding example of this rare early type coin. The surfaces offer copious original luster and visual appeal. Examination will find a couple of minor scattered nicks, but the luster and overall freshness more than makes up for this typical handling marks. Considerable mint bloom remains. It is interesting to observe that the obverse stars are arranged in the 10 left, and 6 stars right mode, with LIBERTY also on the right. This star arrangement is seen on some silver dollars of 1797. For the reverse, the eagle hub was created by John Smith Gardner with a long, thin neck on the eagle and the stars arranged in the “star cross” pattern above the eagle, appearing in straight diagonal lines as opposed to arranged in arcs as seen on other 1797 reverse dies. Mint Engraver Robert Scot is known for engraving dies with a shorter neck on the eagle and other distinctive nuances when compared with engraver John Smith Gardner. This particular coin is a magnificent representation of Gardner’s work.