Cert #45721 36674535

Coin Number 10

A wonderfully original and attractive specimen of this rare and seldom offered issue. The 1798/7 date is sharp, and the stars are arranged in a more balanced 7 stars left, and 6 stars right grouping, with LIBERTY placed above. This pushed the head device of Liberty a bit lower on the overall die, but gives a more pleasing appearance to the coin. The reverse has a short, thin neck to the eagle, stars more or less in arc patterns above. Long known to be one of the keys to the series, and always highly sought after by numismatists. This is clearly one of the finer pieces known today. Close examination will note faint adjustment lines, but they are scarcely visible due to the force of the strike and are not at all distracting. A handsome and solid coin to show the finer nuances of this prized die variety.