Cert # 1751373-001

Coin Number 16

This one shows delicate golden rose toning near the rims while the centers and fields are brighter gold hues. The strike is sharp on Liberty’s curls and surrounding stars, as well as on the reverse where all the finer details of the shield and feathers are clear to the eye. This is another rare die variety, with only 8 to 12 known to survive. Furthermore this is the fourth and final use of this reverse die. The obverse shows the familiar Small Stars style, with the 17 very close, the ninth star touching the Y, and the 13th star away from the bust. The reverse has the star point in the beak and the O in OF is centered over the right part of the second cloud from the right. Clean surfaces with attractive coloration are the rule here, and this gently circulated coin serves well to represent this sought after die variety.