Cert # 3215264-004

Coin Number 15

A nice mint state coin that offers good luster and decent visual appeal. The surfaces show a few marks behind and before Liberty’s head, but they are not that distracting. The obverse strike is sharp and the reverse too, with all the finer details clear on the eagle’s wings, as well as the cascading curls on Liberty’s head. This die pairing is really hard to find, with about 16 to 20 known in all (if indeed that many), this one of course, near the top of those that die survive. The obverse die is new while the reverse die continues on from the prior two die marriages. The obverse die shows a thin crack down from the rim through the back lower serif of B in LIBERTY into the field below. The reverse has a thin crack through MERIC of AMERICA. Remarkably, this reverse die continued soldiering on, striking its fourth die marriage after this variety before finally being retired. For quick identification, notice how the first star is placed with two points cradling or holding the lowest curl on Liberty, this is the only 1799 variety to show this placement of the star around the curl.