Cert #45724 36674536

Coin Number 13

Here is an attractive coin which will serve well to represent this extremely rare die pairing. Only six are currently known (per noted expert John Dannreuther) and this is an accurately graded and pleasing example. The obverse die quickly developed cracks through star eight into the field below and another crack has started to form down through the post of the L(IBERTY) into Liberty’s face behind her eye. No examples are known without these obverse cracks, and given the rarity of this die pairing, the obverse must have quickly failed. The reverse die went on to be paired with four other obverse in 1799. The reverse is well balanced with nicely laid out stars in arcs, and the eagle has a short neck. There are no visible adjustment marks and the surfaces are smooth and free of all but a few minor handling marks. Nice color and eye appeal for a Capped Bust eagle.