Cert #45728 36674541

Coin Number 17

Here is a glorious example of this rare die pairing. The color and surfaces are nice and original, with no distracting hits or ticks. The strike is generally sharp save for the two areas which are often a trifle soft on this series, the softness manifests on the lower obverse stars which are opposite the eagle’s wing tips and the upper reverse stars are a bit soft as they are placed opposite the thickest part of Liberty’s drapery above the date. No adjustment marks are seen, and the presentation is all one could hope for from a gently circulated early Capped Bust eagle. The eighth star has a die crack touching the two right points to Liberty’s cap, another thin crack is seen at the tops of BERTY, and an unusual rust like dotted crack sags down through the center of L to I. A new reverse die was finally used for this die pairing, with the O in OF centered over the junction of the two clouds on the right. The point of star enters the eagle’s mouth, resting on the lower beak. A magnificent example of this issue! Rarely are these early Capped Bust eagles found so problem free and wholesome.