Cert # 31694513

Coin Number 19

A stunning and majestic coin that offers full mint frost, gorgeous surfaces, and unending eye appeal. The strike is sharp on all the central devices, including Liberty’s hair curls and drapery lines. The stars are sharp on the obverse save for the few that are placed opposite the eagle’s wing tips on the reverse. The reverse is exceptional, nearly of Superb quality with so few signs of handling. Mint freshness is the rule here and rarely are these early Capped Bust eagles found in grades even approaching this jewel. The 17 in the date is tilted right, on the reverse star 13 is away from the ribbon (the star behind the eagle’s head). This die variety is fairly common with between 250 and 350 pieces known. Clearly, this is one of the absolute finest and comes with a pedigree that goes back over 100 years. From the George H. Earle Collection, the John A. Beck Collection, and later from the Pogue Collection. An absolute classic example that will be a major hallmark in any advanced collection.}This is one of the most eye appealing mint state coins in this incredible collection.

Ex Pogue II/Earle