Cert # 555489-002

Coin Number 31

One of the toughest dates of the Capped Bust eagles to find at all, the 1804 marks the final year of gold eagle production (as recorded) until 1838. This is one of the nicer examples to survive to today, tied with several others as the fourth best. Perhaps 80 to 100 are known in all. The obverse shows a Crosslet 4 in the date, and always seen with a rust lump between ER of LIBERTY. The reverse die was used to coin the last Large Stars reverse variety of 1803. There are rust lumps within the shield and elsewhere on that die. As the final year of issue for this type, it is highly collectible. Also the magic of the 1804 date never goes out of style. There are some minor adjustment marks through the reverse shield and elsewhere, but they are not heavy or deep. A handsome example of this date, and a coin that was purchased by John Jay Pittman back in the day.

Ex Pittman