Cert # 36674560

Coin Number 32

This is one of the two rarest die pairings of the year, with a scant 6 to 10 known in all. It is likely that the present coin is one of, if not the finest known. Curiously this same reverse die was used to strike the limited 1804 eagle with the Crosslet 4, and after that production then the 1803 eagles of this variety were coined. This is determined by the additional die crack seen up into the arrows from the rim that is not present on the coins dated 1804. This 1803 eagle shows excellent luster and surfaces, with no detracting marks other than some small scuffs and busy areas in the open fields. This is the only 1803 Capped Bust eagle variety so show both the Large Reverse stars and only 13 at that. A thoroughly impressive example of this rare and desirable variety. A truly attractive and original example of this issue.