Coin Number 21

A fantastic Classic Head Large cent. This is the only Red and Brown example graded by PCGS and none exist finer or in full mint Red of this overdate. The obverse shows radiant golden tan mixed with mint red. For the reverse, the red is more prominent and intact. Fully struck on the curls and head of Liberty as well as the wreath. All but a few of the obverse stars show their central radial lines. This new type was designed by the talented Engraver John Reich, first seen in 1808 on Large Cents. The innovative head punch included LIBERTY on a ribbon and she is surrounded by 13 stars, with the date below. Here a leftover 1809 obverse die was (it is possible that the obverse was previously dated 1808) and the 0 was partially effaced and a 1 placed over it, the final digit (8 or 9) just shows traces below the new large 0 engraved in its place. Traces of the underdigits are particularly sharp here. The surfaces are outstanding and the lustrous fields dazzle the eye with their golden hues and rose tints.

Doug Bird