Cert # 919538-001

Coin Number 36

Another stellar gold eagle from the Tyrant Collection is the majestic superb gem proof 1839/8. This is the finest of just three known examples, at least tying if not topping the quality of the coin in the National Numismatic Collection. The Deep Cameo designation is awarded to the few coins that show the deepest reflectivity in the fields as contrasted by the exceptional frost on the devices. Here is such a coin that has earned this coveted designation. The devices, the head of Liberty and the stars, seem to float on a glassy sea of reflectivity. Perfectly matched on the reverse, where the eagle and lettering all are presented with three dimensional depth–seemingly floating well above the precisely struck mirror fields. Current research is ongoing but it is believed that this obverse die was not used to strike the prior 1838 Proof eagle with a 9 punched in over the prior 8, but that a hub was used that was already dated 1838 and slightly modified. The overdate feature was somewhat obscured by the engraver, likely Gobrecht. After the modifications of the removal of the swept back hair curl over Liberty’s ear and the flattening out of the truncation shoulder line, that modified Gobrecht design continued from mid 1839 through 1907 with the only addition of the Motto in 1866 when that was adopted on all coinage that would support it. The monumental quality of this particular coin, with nearly perfect preservation, simply cannot be overstated.

Ex Eliasberg/Clapp/Parmelee