Cert # 5060950-002

Coin Number 104

This is one of the key date rarities and most famous of the Civil War rarities from the Liberty Head eagle series. Only 1,248 were struck, and perhaps 30 to 40 survive today. This issue is so rare that Proofs appear more often for sale than circulation strikes. This one is a newcomer relatively speaking to those circulation strikes known, having been recovered from the S.S. Republic shipwreck. It is clearly the second finest around behind a coin graded a single point higher. The devices are bold and satiny with ample mint frost on them, while the fields fall away with delicate reflectivity. The surfaces show considerable handling marks which are nearly always seen on 1863 eagles. Given how few are known it is a testament to any great collection that is able to obtain any example of this issue, and here is one of the finest seen.

S.S. Republic