Cert #8640 7424898

Coin Number 108

This is the second rarest date and mint of the entire gold eagle series from 1795 to 1933. The mintage crawled up and halted at 2,500 pieces. These were released into the channels of commerce in the San Francisco area without notice or fanfare. No one cared about mintmarks at the time. Today there are between 25 and 35 of these, the finest grades AU-55. This particular specimen was graded long ago and by today’s standards would likely climb a few points. Residual luster is noted in the recesses of the design. There are typical scattered handling marks and a few minor scratches, seen on nearly all known specimens as these circulated well before being saved. The strike is sharp, and the devices show all of their finer detail with so little wear present. Certainly one of the top examples of this coveted issue.