Cert # 5055504-001

Coin Number 112

This is the finest known of the popular and rare blundered date. Recovered from the S.S. Republic shipwreck, no finer example is reported. The strike is sharp for this issue, with the lovelock well defined and all but the uppermost curls over Liberty’s ear are sharp. The mint bloom and luster speak volumes of this coins quality and eye appeal. Light scattered handling as expected for the grade, but far, far and away finer than the others of this date. The blundered date was created when the engraver put the 3 digit logopunch into the die upside down, then corrected the mistake and added in the final 5. The placement makes the date read 1865/981. Although more available than the normal date issue of this year, these are still quite rare and desirable in any grade.

S.S. Republic