Cert # 579456-001

Coin Number 113

An incredible stunning gem Proof with gorgeous contrast between the mirrored fields and frosty devices. The stars, date and Liberty seem to walk atop the glassy pool of perfect reflectivity. One of perhaps 10 to 12 known in Proof in all grades, this one tied with best of that select group. This is the first year of the addition of a new Motto on the reverse; IN GOD WE TRUST was placed above the eagle on a ribbon, as the result of a preacher’s letter writing campaign. The idea was to help heal the wounds of a divided country, which has just seen the awful results of a long and bloody Civil War. This coin stands tall as a most elegant reminder of the renewed hope for a lasting peace and prosperity. A few minor faint hairlines, some over the left period and T of TEN identify this majestic gem. Remarkably this is the first appearance of the with Motto, and the Mint decided to keep this reverse die for future proof coinage only, and that they did through 1880!