Cert # 1770205-001

Coin Number 145

A glorious gem Ultra Cameo Proof from the famed Garrett Collection. Only 20 were struck on February 13, 1875, and from that beginning about 8 or 9 are known today. Two are impounded. This would not be as meaningful were it not for the fact that just 100 pieces were struck for circulation (only 8 or so survive), thankfully using a different obverse die so they can be determined which group they came from. This coin is one of the finest, with booming contrast between the fields and devices. All Proofs were struck with the reverse die which was first used in 1866, with a mirror polished area in the Motto ribbon at the tops of IN which should be frosty, instead shows a triangular shaped polished area within the ribbon. This feature and the location of the date punch serves to identify Proofs from the few business strikes to survive, as both used different dies for production. Only a few collectors are lucky enough to obtain an example of this King of the Eagles.

Ex Garrett