Cert #8678 50027394

Coin Number 158

The 1877-CC issue is known for its rarity, as are most eagles of this important and challenging era. Only 3,332 pieces were struck, CoinFacts estimates that 66 survive today. This one is tied with one other at PCGS and another at NGC as the finest certified of this date and mint. The rich yellow gold color dominates save for a splash of richer orange toning on the lower right side of the obverse. The strike is sharp and bold, and the surfaces are cleaner than usually seen, with no deep or distracting marks. This one is the early die state struck prior to the die crack which forms through the lower digits in the date, but shows the usual die file lines at Y of LIBERTY and the fine die lines up from the two T’s in STATES to the rim above. Trace repunching of the 1 between the 1 and 8. A nice looking and important coin!

Ex Admiral Collection