Coin Number 303

A satiny delight with soft white luster over the entire surface and a few dollops of russet gold toning starting to form. 1879 was the unusual year where the large amount of unbacked currency (green backs) issued to help fund the Civil War (1861-1865) were slowly withdrawn from circulation and the premium value of gold slowly edged back to par with these green back notes (par being defined as the notes traded at the same value to gold coins). 1879 was the year where finally the notes reached par, and a green back could be freely exchanged for $10 or $20 gold coin anywhere. When this finally took place, all the hoards of gold coins and silver coins that had been stashed away in the prior 18 years came back into circulation, so the need for new coins collapsed, and the mints were put on notice that orders for new coins were done for the foreseeable future. Thus the mintage of circulation strike 1879 half dollars came to a halt at 4,800 pieces, not even 5 bags! Here is one of the absolute finest known of this date.