1853 Victoria, Hanover Queen 1837-1901


Victoria, Hanover queen, 1837-1901, Proof gold, silver and copper set 1853. Young Head. S-PS4. A complete set of 16 pieces graded by PCGS as follows: gold Sovereign (S-3852D, WR-305, reeded edge) PR64 Deep Cameo, Half-Sovereign (S-3859 small date, WR-346) PR64 Deep Cameo, silver Gothic Crown (S-3884, Septimo edge date) PR63 Cameo, Halfcrown (S-3888) PR64, Gothic Florin (S-3891) PR65, Shilling (S-3904) PR64, Sixpence (S-3908) PR64, Britannia Groat (S-3913, reeded edge) PR65 with exquisite toning, Maundy set (S-3916) Fourpence PL65, Threepence, Twopence and silver Penny PL66, copper Penny (S-3948) PR65 BN, Halfpenny (S-3949) No Grade Planchet Flaw (lamination), Farthing (S-3950) PR64+ BN, and Half-Farthing (S-3951) PR65 BN. The gold coins have gorgeous bright yellow gold surfaces. The silver coins are richly toned in golden bluish gray iridescence, mostly exquisite looking. The copper coins are not bronzed but have some mint-red color and beautiful amber-green iridescent hues. All in all, this is a beautiful, very choice original set, the reason for its existence never explained but this is one of the rarest English sets, almost never found intact as seen here. One of the great treasures of the Tyrant Collection.