Coin Number 212

This is a seldom seen ultimate grade and contrast coin. About one percent or less of the proof dimes produced in 1955 have the Ultra Cameo contrast, of thick white frost on the devices coupled with deep, black reflective fields that produce amazing mirror-like qualities. The obverse design is of President Roosevelt’s bust facing left, his head large and barely fitting on the small size of the planchet. thus LIBERTY is in the right field across from his nose, IN GOD WE TRUST is placed in small lettering below his chin and before his neck. The date is tucked into the slant formed by his truncation at the lower right. For the reverse the central feature is a burning torch, flanked by two branches, on the left is a laurel branch, on the right an oak branch. Surrounding the upper reverse is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, below is ONE DIME. The Mint Engraver John R. Sinnock placed E PLURIBUS UNUM in the only place left, that in a broken and almost haphazard arrangement stumbling across the two branches and base of the torch across the lower reverse, with added bullets between the words.