Coin Number 261

The Washington quarter was launched in 1932. The designs were by John Flanagan and save for a few minor adjustments to the size of the Motto lettering pretty much remained unchanged until the Bicentennial coinage of 1976, only to resume the original design until 1999 when the State Quarter program was launched.For the obverse Flanagan put Washington’s bust facing left, with his classic wig tied with a ribbon behind his shoulders. Above his head is LIBERTY, in the lower right field is IN GOD WE TRUST, below his bust is the date. A tiny JF for the designer’s initials is found on the truncation on the right side.The reverse design includes an eagle with wings outstretched, standing on a fasces with an open small laurel wreath below extending part way up his wings. Above is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, below that is E PLURIBUS UNUM in small letters, and at the base of the reverse is QUARTER DOLLAR.