al-Mu’tamid, ‘Abbasid Caliph AH 256-279/AD 870-892

Bernardi 177Qe; A 239.5, Extremely Fine

Samarqand mint. Kalima at center, double obverse marginal legends with Qur’an 30:4 in outer margin, date formula in inner margin, al-Muwaffaq Billah (heir apparent for the east) cited below; Reverse, continuation of Kalima, “lillah” above, al-Mu’tamid ‘Ala Allah cited below, Qur’an 9:33 in margin. Scarce mint for this reign.


During the reign of al-Mu’tamid (AH 256-279/ AD 870-892), much of the former empire of the ‘Abbasids had broken away with fully or semi-independent kingdoms and principalities. Egypt was ruled by the Tulunid dynasty. The Tulunids were followed by the Fatimids who declared a rival Shi’ite caliphate. The Saffarids controlled much of eastern and southern Iran while the ‘Alids, a Zaydi Shi’ite dynasty, declared independence in Tabaristan, a northern Iranian province on the Caspian Sea.