Timoleon and Third Democracy, Timoleon and Third Democracy 344-317 BC

SNG ANS 493 (this reverse die),  Extremely Fine

Laureate head of Zeus Eleutherios left. Rev. Pegasos flying left; A to left with three pellets below. Jameson 851 (same dies).

A long period of tyranny was established in Syracuse with the arrival of Dionysius I in 407 BC. Four wars against Carthage threatened his rule but when he was victorious the city-state entered a long period of peaceful stability. Then his son Dionysius II was overthrown by Dion in 356 BC. Following the resulting period of instability and decline in the city’s fortunes, the Corinthian Timoleon established an oligarchy in 344 BC which lasted until 317 BC, when Agathocles seized power.