‘Adud al-Dawla Abu Shuja’, Buwayhid Amir in Iraq, Fars and Iran AH 341-372/AD 952-983

Treadwell Ba372G; A 1551, Extremely Fine

Al-Basra mint. ’Adud al-Dawla Abu Shuja’ as independent ruler, with titles al-malik al-’adil, shahanshah and taj al-milla, citing the Abbasid caliph al-Ta’i’ Lillah below reverse. Rare mint.


Adud al-Dawla was the laqab (title) of the Buwayhid amir Panah Khosrau (AH 341-372/ AD 952-983). He is widely regarded as the most powerful rule of the Buwayhid dynasty. ‘Adud al-Dawla’s territories extended from Syria to India and from Central Asia to Arabia. His coins carry the title Shahanshah (King of Kings) as homage to the former Sasanid emperors of Persia. He maintained dual capitals at Baghdad and Shiraz, the latter in the province of Fars (Persis) which had been the spiritual capital of the Sasanian Empire 300 years earlier.