Carloman II, 879-884

Depeyrot 67; Morrison & Grunthal 1213, PCGS graded AU-50

Carloman II, the eldest son of Louis II was preferred to reign as sole King of West Francia after the death of his father, but instead divided the kingdom with his younger brother, Louis III. Carloman II took Burgundy and Aquitaine as his territory and in 880 together embarked on a war against Boso, the Duke of Provence who had renounced his loyalty to the kings and claimed royal status in Provence for himself. Despite assistance from their cousin, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles II, they were never able to bring the rebel king to heel. After the death of Louis III in 822, Carloman II ruled the entirety of West Francia alone, although the Frankish magnates, particularly in Burgundy, tended to limit his real power. He died while hunting, only two years after his brother. The West Francian nobility invited Charles II to succeed him.

Arles. + CARLEMANVS RE, short cross. Reverse: ARLEA CIVIS X, Karolus monogram.

Ex Künker (12 March 2007), 218