Roman Empire

Carus, Co-Emperor AD 282-283

Cf. RIC 95 (bust); cf. Calicó 4285 (same), Superb Extremely Fine

Siscia, AD 282. IMP C M AVR CARVS P F AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust of Carus right. Reverse: VICTO-RIA AVG, Victory standing left on globe, holding wreath and palm.

Ex Tkalec (7 May 2006), 234

The Praetorian Guard elevated M. Aurelius proclaimed Carus as Emperor in opposition to Probus in AD 282. Unlike most of his predecessors, the new Emperor did not bother to seek the approval of the Senate but instead immediately elevated his two sons as co-rulers and set out on a grand campaign against the Sasanian Persian Empire. He inflicted major defeats on the Sasanian shah Bahram II in AD 283, possibly even capturing the Persian capital at Ctesiphon. The victorious campaign came to a sudden and shocking conclusion when Carus was struck by lightning and killed.