Charibert II, AD 629-632

Cf. Belfort 685; cf. MEC 1, 424; Prou 2056; L. Max-Werly, “Monnaies mérovingiennes. Trouvaille de Saint-Aubin (Meuse),” RN 1890, 1 (this coin), Extremely Fine

Charibert II, a younger son of Clothaire II, challenged his half-brother Dagobert I for possession of Neustria in 629, but was thwarted when the latter ordered the execution of his chief negotiator. However, Dagobert I made no objection when Charibert II seized Aquitaine, Gascony, and the Basque Country. In 631 Charibert II is recorded as the godfather to Dagobert I’s son Sigebert, which might give the impression that the previous rift over Neustria had healed. This may be a false impression. Charibert II and his own infant son were mysteriously killed in the following year and Aquitaine was claimed by Dagobert I.

Banassac. CH+ARIBERTVS REX, diademed head of Charibert II right. Reverse: BANNACIACO FIT, chalice with elaborate handles surmounted by a cross.

Ex Nomos (7 October 2016), 309; G. Motte Collection (Bourgey, 12 November 1951), 76; E. Caruso Collection (C. &. E. Canessa, Naples, 28 June 1923), 1066; Saint-Aubin find of The Eparch Collection of Late Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Weights