Charles I, Stuart King 1625-1649

Oxford Mint. Plume mintmark. The so-called Shrewsbury horseman image of the king mounted, facing left, holding a sword, with captured arms beneath the horse’s hooves, Oxford plume behind him; reverse, three banded Oxford plumes with “X” (for 10 shillings) centered among them, date in large digits below the Declaration in two lines. Rare.The king fled London to his new headquarters at Oxford, where from 1642 to 1646 he ordered coins to be issued in a variety of denominations, in gold and silver. Very few of his larger silver coins escaped the injuries of wartime use, this one being an exception.

An excellent example of this large, rare Civil War coin, on a full broad flan with sharp details but especially bold on the reverse, which has heavy rims and remnant luster. Gorgeous old-cabinet golden gray patina lends an especially enticing eye-appeal.