Charles IX, 1561-B

Duplessy 1045; Friedberg 377d, PCGS graded XF Details

Francois II was succeeded on the French throne by his 10-year-old brother, Charles IX, in 1560. He was almost equally as weak as Francois II and was dominated by the regency of his mother, Catherine de’ Medici. As in the reign of Francois II, the early gold coinage of Charles IX consisted of henris d’or, again focusing attention on the glory days of his father and deflecting attention away from his inexperience as king.

Rouen, in name of and types of Henri II. · HENRICVS · II · D · G · FRANCOR · REX ·, cuirassed bust of Henri II right. Reverse: (sun) DVM · TOTVM · COMPLEAT · ORBEM 1561, cross composed of four crowned Hs, with alternating lis and crescents in the angles.

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