Childebert I, Ca. 534-558

NM -; Belfort 5298 (same obv. die); Alise-Sainte-Reine Hoard 83 (same dies); cf. Lafaurie 36 (for type), Extremely Fine

Upon the death of Clovis I, the Merovingian Frankish kingdom was divided by his four sons. Childebert I, the third son of Clovis I, received as his share the town of Paris as well as territory extending north to the Somme and west to the English Channel. In 523, Childebert I and his brothers made war on Godomar of Burgundy. When Childebert’s brother Chlodmer fell in battle against the Burgundians in the following year, the Childebert I used it as an opportunity to seize his brother’s kingdom of Orléans. Between 532 and 534, Childebert I and his remaining brothers conquered the Burgundian kingdom and in 537 received Provence from the Ostrogothic king Witiges. While campaigning against the Visigoths in northern Spain, Childeric I carried of the holy relic of St. Vincent’s tunic. He subsequently erected the Abby of Sainte-Croix-et-Saint-Vincent in Paris in order to house it. He was buried there after he died in 558.

Imitating a Burgundian issue in the name of Justinian I (AD 527-565). Lugdunum, after 534. D N IVSTI??VS PP (AV), diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Justinian I right. Reverse: VICTORI? (filled inverted ?) + ?CVSTOR, Victory advancing right, holding wreath; pellet between legs; (retrograde C)IN?.

Ex CNG 100 (7 October 2015), 2082; Collection d’un Amateur Bourguignon (Crinon-Alde 51, 14 June 2010), 30