Childeric II, AD 673-675

Cf. NM 65 (for type); cf. Belfort 2555 (same); Prou -; cf. MEC 1, 408 (same), PCGS graded AU-58

In 662, the Franks of Austrasia petitioned Clothaire III, the ineffectual Merovingian king of Neustria and Burgundy, to appoint a king for them. They received Childeric II, a younger brother of Clothaire III, to rule over them. His extreme youth led to his early domination by Wulfoald, the mayor of the palace in Austrasia. When Clothaire III died in 673, Childeric II opposed the succession of his younger brother and invaded Neustria and Burgundy, thereby becoming king of the Franks as a whole and making Wulfoald mayor of the palace in all three kingdoms. This development sowed discontent among the nobles of Neustria and Burgundians who did not like to see outsiders placed over them. The elite of Neustria finally took matters into their own hands after Childeric II ordered the corporal punishment of a Neustrian magnate named Bodilo. Unwilling to be do-nothings like their king, around 675 a cabal of Bodilo’s friends set upon Childeric II while hunting and murdered him along with his wife and five-year-old son.

Masilie (Marseille). CHILDERICOS REX, diademed and draped bust of Childeric II right. Reverse: CIVITATIS · MASILIE, Latin cross pattée with extended base set on globe; pair of pellets to either side of base; M-A.

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