Clement VII, Pope 1523-1534

Muntoni 13; Berman 829, PCGS graded MS-61

Rome. CLEMEN VII PONT MAX, canopy and crossed keys over shield. Reverse: + SANCT PETRVS ALMA ROMA, St. Peter fishing from a boat.

The reverse of this coin features the coat of arms of the Medici family crowned by a papal tiara and the crossed keys of St. Peter. The balls emblazoned on the shield have had a variety of interpretations ranging from oranges to pills, referring respectively to the eastern trade in which the powerful family engaged and to the family name, which means “Doctors.” It has also been claimed that the balls represent stylized dents that were made in the shield of the family ancestor, Averardo de’ Medici, when he fought a Langobardic giant Mugello during Charlemagne’s wars in Italy