Clement XII, Pope 1730-1740

Muntoni 12; Berman 2610, PCGS graded MS-62

Rome. CLEM XII P M A VI, bust of Pope Clement XII right. Reverse:LABOR/ADDITVS/1736 in three lines within wreath.

Carlo della Torre di Rezzonico was elected as Pope Clement XIII on July 6, 1758. He spent much of his reign resisting pressure from Joseph I of Portugal, Louis XV of France, and Charles III of Spain, to repress the Jesuit order. Indeed, all of these monarchs had already expelled the Jesuits from their kingdoms as enemies of reform and tools of papal interference in matters of the state. Pope Clement XIII refused to bow to the increasing pressure and defended the Jesuits against what he described as “calumny” but was finally forced to call a consistory to consider repression in 1769. Pope Clement XIII conveniently died the day before the consistory was set to convene, leaving the serious problem for his unlucky successor to handle.