Clothaire III, AD 655-673

NM 30; Belfort 6304; MEC 1, -; BnF Côte 537 (same dies), PCGS graded AU-55

Like his father, Clothaire III, spent much of his reign in Neustria and Burgundy under the regency of his mother and the influence of the mayors of the palace Erchinoald and Ebroin. The latter was so powerful that in 688, Theodore, the Anglo-Saxon Archbishop of Canterbury, required the permission of Ebroin rather than Clothaire III in order to pass through Neustria and Burgundy. Clothaire III was a true roi fainéant (“do-nothing king”), dying in 673 at the age of 20 or 21 and having accomplished little.

Paris. Wandelenus, moneyer. LOTH?VIVS RE+, diademed and draped bust right. Reverse: + VV?NDELENO M +, cross ancrée set on globe.

Ex CNG 108 (16 May 2018), 795