Eadred, King of all England, 946-955 AD

S-1115, N-713

Crowned portrait facing right, shoulders below inner circle, name surrounding; reverse, small cross pattée within circle, legend around outer circle consisting of the moneyer’s name IVE without reference to a mint but struck in East Anglia. Rare and of exceptional quality, small chip on border. The other brother of Aethelstan, this king also used just the title REX instead of REX TO BRIT which claimed rule over all of England. Most of his coins lack a portrait. Ever alert to opportunity, when Eadmund died in 946 (not in war but at the hands of an outlaw), the Danish invader-settlers of Northumbria again sought to disrupt English control over them, seized York in 947, and were intent on wresting control from the hands of the English kings. Another Viking, however, Eric “Bloodaxe,” fought with the other Danes, dissipating their armies, which were finally overcome in 954 by Eadred’s enormous military. It ended the Danes’ lust for kingdom.