George III, Hanover King, 1760-1820

S-3784, WR-179 (R3)

Laureate Head, a new portrait facing right, combined with the Saint George slaying the Dragon reverse, by Benedetto Pistrucci. Raised lettered edge. Identical design to the £5 coin above, and also a very rare pattern representing the only issue of a coin of this denomination made during this reign-the first of a limited series of “double sovereigns” which had limited commercial appeal and mainly were minted as Proofs for collectors at the recently opened Tower Hill Mint, located just outside the walls of the Tower of London. This specimen is among the finest known, featuring a marvelous image of the aged king as well as a splendidly detailed Saint George motif-which over time became one of the most famous coin-designs of the world. One of the great treasures of the Tyrant Collection.