Roman Empire

Constantine II, Co-Emperor AD 337-340

RIC 27; Depeyrot 5/1, Superb Mint State

Siscia, AD 337. FL CL CONSTAN-TINVS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Constantine II right. Reverse: VICTORIAE DDD NNN AVGG , two Victories facing one another, holding between them wreath inscribed VOTIS/XX/MVLTIS/XXX in four lines; SIS*.

Ex Golden Horn Collection (Stack’s, 12 January 2009), 3008; Leu 28 (5 May 1981), 572

Like his brothers, Constantine II, the eldest son of Constantine the Great became Augustus upon the death of his father in AD 337. The provinces of Britannia, Gaul, and Hispania were placed under his authority and initially exercised guardianship over the territories of his younger brother Constans. After a purge of their cousins, Thrace and Macedonia was also added to the possessions of Constans, which irritated Constantine II. The brothers quarreled over their territories and at length Constantine II mounted an invasion of Italy with the intent to seize Constans’ parts of the Empire for himself. However, things did not go according to plan and Constantines II was killed in an ambush near Aquileia. With Constantine II having been hoisted by his own petard, Constans assumed control of the entirety of the Western Empire.