Giovanni Galeazzo Maria Sforza (sole reign), Duke of Milan 1476-1494

Fr-693, MIR-215/1, Crippa-1 (Mitered Head), NGC-graded MS-64

An elegant example of this very rare issue.

The 6th Duke of Milan was just 7 years old when his father was assassinated. A bitter struggle for power ensued between the boy’s mother, Bona of Savoy, and his uncle Ludovico, who won the contest in 1481 and seized control of the government of Milan, ruling from 1481 to 1494 as regent. Giovanni died under suspicious conditions in 1494, whereupon the throne of Milan fell to Ludovico, who hastened to assume the ducal title and received the ducal crown from the Milanese nobles on 22 October.