Nicolo Trono, Doge of Venice 1471-1473

Fr-1235, PCGS-graded MS-64

Obverse depicts St. Mark standing right presenting banner to kneeling Doge. On the reverse Christ standing facing within stars, holding the gospel and raising hand in benediction. Somewhat softly struck on a flan more typical of ordinary, still an unusually fine example of this rarity.

A self-made wealthy businessman, Trono became the 68th doge of Venice at the age of 71. The state’s treasury was nearly empty because of recent warring against the Turks, and he filled the treasury using his business skills. New types of silver coins (the so-called Trono or Lira, Half Lira, and the copper Bagattino) appeared in his name and bearing his effigy, but the main coin remained the Ducat. He lived as the head of state for a mere 20 months.