Leonardo Loredan, Doge of Venice 1501-1521

Fr-1242, PCGS-graded MS-63

Obverse depicts St. Mark standing right presenting banner to kneeling Doge. On the reverse Christ standing facing within stars, holding the gospel and raising hand in benediction. Excellent centering and sharp details.

Leonardo Loredan is considered one of the most important Doges in Venetian history. During his rule, Venice was threatened with the possibility of total destruction and occupation. Pope Julius II excommunicated the entire Republic of Venice, the Portuguese took over the profitable Middle Eastern spice trade, and the Papal forces with the help of the Holy Roman Empire defeated Venice at the Battle of Agnadello. Loredan, calling upon the Venetian people to undergo great and necessary sacrifices, allied with the French king, won back the lost Venetian territories, and forced the defeated Papacy to repay debts totaling approximately 500,000 Ducats in value.