Edward I, Plantagenet King 1272-1307

London mint. Rare. The first coin of England valued at 4-pennies, and for the first time as well the facing image of the crowned king was set within a quatrefoil border, the reverse showing a Long Cross with a crown at the end of each limb and 3 pellets in each central quadrant; the size of the coin allowed for more extensive legends and titles: on the obverse around the king’s portrait we see a Latin legend translating as “Edward By the Grace of God King of All the English”, continued on the reverse side as “Prince of Ireland [and] Duke of Aquitaine”. The mint’s name appears within the inner circle, here as “City of London.”

An exceptional example, struck on a full broad flan without cracks, chips or other damage, the king’s image and other central devices clear and unmarred, the legends all full and sharp, the patina ancient golden gray with some bluish hues. An ideal specimen in all respects.