Edward IV, Yorkist King First Reign of 1461-1470

Bristol mint, Crown mintmark. Light coinage of 1464/5-1470. Rare. The price of gold versus silver was in flux at the time this coin was minted; this led to melting of older gold coins and the issue of new denominations such as this beautiful coin which features the familiar image of the king standing amid a warship, with his royal flag (“E” on it for Edward Rex) at the stern. New mints opened temporarily, to make these coins, and here we see a large, bold “B” in the waves below the ship’s center, standing for the Bristol mint. As in the case of the full-sized Ryal, this Half-ryal offered a new reverse, showing a sunburst around a small central rose. The inscription around the rim on this side was carried forward, proclaiming (in then familiar Latin) DOMINE NE IN FURORE TUO ARGUAS ME (“Oh Lord, Rebuke Me Not in Thine Indignation” – Psalm vi.1).

One of the sharpest examples of this new denomination extant, with abundant luster and exceptionally choice surfaces. Struck on an irregularly shaped, but typical, flan and as a consequence not all of the letters of the legends are present.