Edward IV, Yorkist King First Reign of 1461-1470

London mint, Crown mintmark. Light coinage of 1464/5-1470. In this reign another innovation appeared, the use of initial or mint marks, allowing for a closer dating of the issues, here a crown at the top of the reverse legend. The obverse image remains as in previous reigns, but the king’s flag, marked “E”, flutters behind him. On the reverse, the noble was slowly changing form, as here we see a sunburst around a small rose, taking the place of the central cross used on nobles. New denominations were also appearing at this time, and these would continue to evolve as the wars between the two royal houses, Lancaster and York, eventually led to the rise of the Tudors.

A beautiful example of this classic coin, glowing with 15th-century luster, struck on a broad but unevenly edged flan having lovely gold toning.