Elizabeth I, Tudor Queen 1558-1603

London. Sixth issue of 1583-1600. Alpha (“A”) mintmark at top of reverse legend. Half-length facing image of the queen, wearing crown and ruff and holding an orb and scepter, in the midst of an elaborately detailed man-o-war ship, with the queen’s flag at the bow and a bold Tudor rose at the center of its hull; reverse, rose over sun (“starburst” rowel) at center of royal cross composed of 8 tressures. Legends are in Lombardic lettering. Very rare.We see here one of the most haunting images known of the monarch, guiding her ship of state. One of the great treasures of the Tyrant Collection.

A fabulous, beautifully engraved, choice example of this extraordinary design type, minted on a full broad flan of superb quality, evenly struck by hand with completely detailed legends, a few slightly soft details on the royal cross due to the bold, crisp strike on the obverse showing Elizabeth in all her glory, with exquisite gold color.