Eudes, 887-898

Depeyrot 163; Morrison & Grunthal 1311; MEC 1, 980-1. Good, PCGS graded MS-63

Following the overthrow of Charles the Fat in 888, the Frankish nobility elected Odo (Eudes), the Count of Paris, to reign as the new King of West Francia. He was an obvious choice due to the bravery he showed in defending Paris against the Vikings in 885-886. He spent much of his reign defending the kingdom against further Viking raids and fortifying the south against Arab attack. In 893, his reign was challenged by the Carolingian Charles III, who had been crowned by a faction of disgruntled Frankish nobles. Odo struggled against Charles III, but was ultimately forced to cede part of his territory on the Seine to his rival. When Odo died in 898, Charles III assumed power over the entirety of West Francia.

Blois. + MISERICORDIA DE-I, monogram of Odo Rex. Reverse: + BLESIANIS CASTRO, short cross.

Ex Heritage (12 September 2016), 32928