Roman Empire

Eugenius, Usurper AD 392-394

RIC 45; Lyon 229; Depeyrot 18/1, Mint State

Lugdunum, AD 393/4. D N EVGENI-VS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Eugenius right. Reverse: VICTOR-IA AVGG, the two co-emperors seated facing, together holding globe between them; behind, Victory standing facing; L-D/(palm)//COM.

Ex NAC 46 (2 April 2008), 737

After the death of Valentinian II, Arbogast named the Roman rhetorician Flavius Eugenius as the new Western Emperor. Eugenius immediately set about replacing Theodosius’ administrators with men of senatorial rank and endeared himself to the pagans of Rome by rededicating the Temple of Venus and Roma and restoring the Altar of Victory removed from the Curia by Gratian. Although Eugenius had attempted to gain recognition from Theodosius I, in AD 393, the Eastern Emperor prepared for war. The following year, Eugenius and Abrogast were defeated at the bloody Battle of the Frigidus. In the aftermath, Abrogast committed suicide while Eugenius was captured and executed as a criminal.