Gouvernement de Defense Nationale, 1870-A

KM 819, PCGS graded MS-64

Following the defeat and capture of Napoleon III at Sedan, the government of France devolved upon the emergency Gouvernement de Defense Nationale led by General Louis Jules Trochu. Its administration of the country was severely hampered by the fact that Paris was still besieged by Prussian forces and there seemed to be no way to break out from the city. Repeated failed sorties by French troops and the dwindling of supplies in Paris ultimately forced the Gouvernement de Defense Nationale to surrender on January 28, 1871, and accept a humiliating peace settlement that included the payment of 5 billion francs in war reparations and the surrender of the fortresses surrounding Paris.

Paris. Wreathed head of the Republic left. Reverse: Denomination and date within wreath.

Ex MDC Monaco (1 December 2017), 1079