Tughril Beg, Great Seljuq Sultan AH 429-455/AD 1038-1063

Jafar S.MS.449B; A 1665, Nearly Mint State

Madinat al-Salam (Baghdad) mint, with titles Rukn al-Din and Shahanshah. Also citing the ‘Abbasid caliph al-Qa’im. The object above the reverse is described by some as a version of the Seljuq bow-and-arrow tamgha and by others as a mosque dome with minaret.


Tughril Beg (AH 429-455/ AD 1038-1063) was the founder of the Seljuq Empire. He was a gifted military leader who defeated his rivals and captured most of Persia and Mesopotamia. He conquered Baghdad in 1055, ending the rule of the Buwayhids. Tughril maintained the ‘Abbasids as figureheads to satisfy the Sunni Arab population. His coins bear the Sasanian title shahanshah (”king of kings), establishing his claim of authority throughout greater Persia.